Balanced and Beautiful is an 8 week, interactive video based, group coaching program that teaches easy, effective health and wellness strategies to busy, powerful women who want to feel abundant, radiant, confident and healthy.

Whether you’re brand new to healthy living or are a clean eating rock star, Balanced and Beautiful will challenge you to let go of what doesn’t serve you and fall in love with your life. It’s designed for busy, powerful women, who are feeling out of balance, not good enough, or not connected to their authentic voice. We are rebellious, powerful ladies and not about to give up chocolate or wine, don’t worry, you don’t have to. Are you ready to turn your hectic days into a nourishing, balanced life that fuels your deepest desires and your higher purpose?

Are you  are ready for a change, craving connection of other women going through the same struggles, and want to feel electric, radiant, abundant, valuable, with flowing buzzing electric energy.

Get our 3 part video training series, to get a taste of the program before you invest.

Video 1: Creating Mental White Space Like a Boss

Simple exercise to get all of those to-dos out of your head, and create space to for new opportunities and positive thoughts

Video 2: All The Dirty Details About Balanced and Beautiful

Everything you want to know about our amazing program.

Video 3: What Does Your Future Hold?

One of our favourite exercises, let’s hash out what you really want to achieve for the next few months to over 10 years. A fun and easy way to get clear on your vision and goals, you may be surprised what comes out.

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Registration is open until January 20, 2016

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